Submission Guidelines

MACIS authors have to decide on the following: (SHORT or REGULAR paper) and to find a suitable track.

The submission guidelines are common to all tracks and ensure that the submitted paper will undergo the usual refereeing process. The submissions are single-blind (e.g. the referees know the authors name but not vice-versa). We will guide you in these deliberations:

Decide on your category:

  • The categories are SHORT or REGULAR.
  • Both categories of papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
  • The total page limit for SHORT and REGULAR papers are 5 and 15 pages, respectively.
  • SHORT papers have the option to convert to REGULAR papers.

Choose your Tracks:

  • Tracks are listed in the MACIS webpage .
  • They are numbered T1, T2, T3 and T4.
  • The choice of Track is non-binding on the PC, as we may re-organize if necessary.

Submission of your paper:

  • Please use the LNCS format from Springer
    LNCS format zip file
    to prepare your submission.
  • Submit your PDF file through Easy Chair
  • Please prepare your paper in English and in LaTeX.
  • The title of your paper must be preceded by a 2-part tag in CAPS indicating your above choices:
    • E.g., “SHORT-T1: P is equal to NP”
    • E.g., “REGULAR-T2: P is not equal to NP”
    • E.g., “SHORT-T4: P might be equal to NP”
    • E.g., “REGULAR-T4: P is probably equal to NP”
  • The 2-part tag must be on the same line as the title. This tag must show up in your Easy Chair paper title, and in the pdf paper.

Helpful Considerations: