Accepted Papers

Mining Acute Stroke Patients’ Data using Supervised Machine Learning
Ritu Kundu (King’s College London, United Kingdom) and Toktam Mahmoodi (King’s College London, United Kingdom)

Code-based Key Encapsulation from McEliece’s Cryptosystem
Edoardo Persichetti (Florida Atlantic University, United States)

Isabelle Formalization of Set Theoretic Structures and Set Comprehensions
Cezary Kaliszyk (University of Innsbruck, Austria) and Karol Pąk (University of Bialystok, Poland)

Fast Chinese remaindering in practice
Joris van der Hoeven (CNRS, École polytechnique, France)

Homotopies for connected components of algebraic sets with application to computing critical sets
Daniel J. Bates (Colorado State University, United States), Dani Brake (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, United States), Jonathan Hauenstein (University of Notre Dame, United States), Andrew Sommese (University of Notre Dame, United States) and Charles W. Wampler (General Motors Research & Development, United States)

Stirling Numbers, Lambert W and the Gamma Function
David J. Jeffrey (University of Western Ontario, Canada) and Nick Murdoch (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

On Classifying Steiner triple systems by their 3-rank
Dieter Jungnickel (University of Augsburg, Germany), Spyros Magliveras (Florida Atlantic University, United States), Vladimir Tonchev (Michigan Technological University, United States) and Alfred Wassermann (University of Bayreuth, Germany)

Rapidly convergent integrals and function evaluation
Heba Al Kafri (American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates), David J. Jeffrey (University of Western Ontario, Canada) and Robert M. Corless (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Efficient certification of numeric solutions to eigenproblems
Joris van der Hoeven (CNRS, École polytechnique, France) and Bernard Mourrain (INRIA, France)

Implementing fast carryless multiplication
Joris van der Hoeven (CNRS, École polytechnique, France), Robin Larrieu (CNRS, École polytechnique, France) and Gregoire Lecerf (Laboratoire d’informatique, UMR 7161 CNRS, France)

Parallel and Robust Empirical Risk Minimization via the Median Trick
Patrick Traxler (Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria) and Alexander Kogler (Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria)

Automated reasoning for knot semigroups and $\pi$-orbifold groups of knots
Alexei Lisitsa (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom) and Alexei Vernitski (University of Essex, United Kingdom)

On Real Roots Counting for Non-radical Parametric Ideals
Ryoya Fukasaku (Tokyo University of Science, Japan) and Yosuke Sato (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

On Interval Methods with Zero Rewriting and Exact Geometric Computation
Stefan Schirra (Magdeburg University, Germany) and Martin Wilhelm (Magdeburg University, Germany)

Balancing expression dags for more efficient lazy adaptive evaluation
Martin Wilhelm (Magdeburg University, Germany

Dimension Quasi-polynomials of Inversive Difference Field Extensions with Weighted Translations
Alexander Levin (Catholic University of America, United States)

New small 4-designs with nonabelian automorphism groups
Vedran Krcadinac (University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Mario Osvin Pavcevic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

On Testing Isomorphism of Graphs of Bounded Eigenvalue Multiplicity
Takunari Miyazaki (Trinity College, United States)

Sparse Rational Function Interpolation with Finitely Many Values for the Coefficients
Qiao-Long Huang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) and Xiao-Shan Gao (Academia Sinica, China)

Leakage-resilient Riffle Shuffle
Filip Zagorski (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland), Michal Kulis (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland) and Pawel Lorek (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

Right-justified characterization for generating regular pattern avoiding permutations
Thi Thu Huong Tran (Vietnamese German University, Viet Nam), Phan Thuan Do (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam) and Vincent Vajnovszki (LE2I UMR-CNRS 5158, Université de Bourgogne, France)

Certification using Newton-invariant subspaces
Jonathan Hauenstein (University of Notre Dame, United States)

A Simple Streaming Bit-parallel Algorithm for Swap Pattern Matching
Václav Blažej (Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic), Tomáš Valla (Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic) and Ondrej Suchy (Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic)

Epidemic Intelligence Statistical Modelling for Biosurveillance
Christina Parpoula (University of the Aegean, Greece), Alex Karagrigoriou(University of the Aegean, Greece) and Angeliki Lambrou (Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Greece)

The Potential and Challenges of CAD with Equational Constraints for SC-Square
James H. Davenport (University of Bath, United Kingdom) and Matthew England (Coventry University, United Kingdom)

Integrating Algebraic and SAT Solvers
Jan Horacek (University Passau, Germany), Jan Burchard (University Freiburg, Germany), Bernd Becker (University Freiburg, Germany) and Martin Kreuzer (University Passau, Germany)

Jordan Canonical Form with Parameters From Frobenius Form with Parameters
Steven Thornton (The University of Western Ontario, Canada), Marc Moreno Maza (The University of Western Ontario, Canada) and Robert Corless (The University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Subtleties in Security Definitions for Predicate Encryption with Public Index
Johannes Blömer (Paderborn University, Germany) and Gennadij Liske (Paderborn University, Germany)

Ordinary Pairing-Friendly Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curves with Absolutely Simple Jacobians
Georgios Fotiadis (University of the Aegean, Greece) and Elisavet Konstantinou (University of the Aegean, Greece)

Improving Enclosure of Interval Scalar Projection Operation
Tomasz Dobrowolski (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)

Virtual Theories – A Uniform Interface to Mathematical Knowledge Bases
Tom Wiesing (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany), Michael Kohlhase (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) and Florian Rabe (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)

Knowledge-Based Interoperability for Mathematical Software Systems
Michael Kohlhase (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Dennis Müller (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Markus Pfeiffer (University of St Andrews, United Kingdom), Florian Rabe (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany), Nicolas M. Thiéry (Université Paris Sud, France, Victor Vasilyev (University of St Andrews, United Kingdom) and Tom Wiesing (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)

Statistical testing of PRNG: generalized gambler’s ruin problem
Pawel Lorek (Wroclaw University, Poland), Marcin Slowik (Wroclaw University, Poland) and Filip Zagorski  (Wroclaw University, Poland)

Decomposition of Low Rank Multi-Symmetric Tensor
Jouhayna Harmouch (INRIA, France), Bernard Mourrain (INRIA France) and Houssam Khalil (Lebanese University, Lebanon)

On the bit-size of non-radical triangular sets
Xavier Dahan (Ochanomizu Women’s University, Japan)

Experimental Study of the Ehrhart Interpolation Polytope
Vissarion Fisikopoulos (Oracle Corp., Greece) and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos (Gebze Technical University, Turkey)